Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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Melewi — Product, Business + Design Brought to you by a distributed product strategy and design team, with 60+ years collective experience in helping businesses win the love of their customers. 728
Fresh Tilled Soil We’re Fresh Tilled Soil. UX Designers and strategists inspired by human biology. Our strong opinions are our own. We take full responsibility for what we say and create. 717
Thumbtack Design Articles, stories, and tools from the Design, Writing, Research, and Design Ops teams at Thumbtack 703
Bukalapak Design All the stories, experiences, and explorations by Bukalapak Design team members 696
Quick Design Find top tutorials & courses to learn UI, UX, wireframing, design, graphic design, mobile design, web design, product Design, logo design, design thinking, design tools, Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flinto, After Effects, Axure RP, InDesign, Farmer JS, 3D design & more 671
Spotlight Strategic Design Studio based in Mexico City 657
Curiosity by Design We’re a passionate group of designers, content strategists, and researchers who create the SurveyMonkey experience. We’re as diverse in thought as we are similar in experience — and we’re curious…by design. 632
People 2.0 Stuff about products & people. Not solely for product people. 582
Owl Studios We’re designers who code. We take on projects of all sizes, from web design and build, to product, branding and system design. 569
Instacart Design Stories and ideas from the Instacart Design team 564
Backstage Behind the scenes on how we build India's leading online travel experience everyday 550
Lingo Blog Stop wasting time looking for files buried in folders. Organize all your visual assets in one place with Lingo. Create and share living brand style guides, digital asset libraries and more. 542
Yelp Design Stories from Yelp's Product Design Team 511
Future is Present Tense A glimpse into the thinking from Nordkapp,a product design and transformation studio in Helsinki and Amsterdam. 480
Shopee Design A glimpse into Shopee Product and Design: a fun, professional take on all things UX Design. 478