Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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Building Creative Market Lessons from Creative Market's design, development, growth, community, and leadership teams. ( 9,486
Inside Design Stories by designers. For designers. 6,455
Product People An exploration of great products, and the people who make them. 5,770
Facebook Design: Business Tools Stories from like-minded product designers, user experience researchers, and content strategists who are passionate about improving the world through the creation of well-crafted business tools. 5,764
Positive Slope Insights on crafting products, teams, and progress. 4,172
Product School Global leader in Product Management training. 1+ million product community. Our instructors are top PMs working at Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more top tech companies. 3,937
Shyp Design Thoughts from the Design Team at Shyp 3,738
Made by Many Stories by the people of Made by Many, a digital innovation consultancy. 3,734
Truth About Design Candid truth and guidance for the design industry 3,305
StellarPeers StellarPeers is a community platform that helps professionals prepare for product management interviews. 2,634
Product Hive Product Management, Design, and Strategy 2,593
Digital Adoption 101 Exploring topics of interest for organizations undergoing digital adoption, such as: digital transformation, training and onboarding, user experience, and the customer experience. 2,550
Spotify Design Spotify Design’s greatest hits. 2,431
The Design Innovator Design to innovate. Design to disrupt. 2,284
NOA Labs The best tips and tricks about product design, product development, crowdfunding and manufacturing 2,213