Publications tagged `PRODUCT DESIGN`
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Makers’ Den We’re interested in product research, design, marketing and development. 2
LeanStartLab We work with founders, creatives, & innovators to build great products and digital experiences. Experiment to Innovate! 2
Creative Product Strategy This blog is all about documenting my journey in the world of product design and strategy. 2
VLMedia Tech Blog VLMedia is a mobile focused company reaching millions of users with our social applications. We bring value 120 M customers in 150 countries. Our applications support 21 languages. 2
Promwad Electronics Here we share our experience in custom hardware and software product development: practice-based articles and case-studies on electronics design and manufacturing. 2
Product Designers Helping product designers grow and find great jobs at 1
NewDimensions We’re a user-focused design team helping startups build valuable experiences and make a measurable impact — 1
Design by Behavior A publication that explores how behavioral science helps to design better digital products. 1
UX Kitchen Helping pan-African entrepreneurs and professionals learn to build products that are useful, usable, desirable, and adoptable through mastery of UX. 1
UX Doodles Monthly As part of navigating the Tech World, I will be taking on a different product/app every month, explaining how the product works, what makes it good or bad and how it could be improved or scaled. 1
FRND From our Engineering and Product team 1
Hemali Tanna Portfolio Featured projects 1
FTB Social Strategy and Design agency 0
Digital Insights from Say Yeah! Essential insights on achieving digital excellence and levelling up your inclusive maturity. 0
U AND X I help startups by creating websites and apps that their audience loves 0