Publications tagged `ENGINEERING`
Name Followers
Co Leadership Leadership development for engineers, tech leads, and other leaders in tech 20
Sawyer: Childhood Development Thoughts, ideas, and solutions from the engineers, designers, and data scientists of Sawyer. 19
graphtogo My stories at Harvard University studying Design Engineering as a Fulbright Scholar. (This is a loose English version of neurotogo, my other publication.) 19
Unboxing Photobox This collection is a cooperative effort led by a group of Engineers, Product Managers and Designers to further our design and engineering efforts. The features include original content written by our team working across Photobox to describe some of the great things we’re doing. 18
Sortlist Engineering Sortlist Product, Engineering & Data Science 17
Teknik Science, Tech, and humor 17
Invoca Engineering Blog Invoca is a SaaS company helping marketers optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. 14
Codifying Living at the intersection of people, culture and engineering 14
techattommy Discussing Fashion Tech culture, development, innovation and design at Tommy Hilfiger 13
Engineering@Noom Stories from the Engineers who help Noom make the world a healthier place. 13
Create the Future Create the Future is an engineering publication run by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. It features insightful articles from academics, start-ups, and industry leaders. 13
Fitbit Tech Blog Fitbit — Engineering Fitness 12
Bird Engineering & Data Science Making cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and congestion. 12
WhereTo Engineering Engineering at WhereTo 11
LumApps Experts The LumApps team shares their work processes and expertise on various topics, from engineering to product design. 11