Publications tagged `POETRY`
Name Followers
CapuletMag Capulet Mag empowers young women to share their creativity with Juliets everywhere. 13
Black, Brown, and Beige A publication featuring women of color writers 13
crosshatch shading reality with story~ Slk. 13
Haiku World 575 A collection of assorted haikus by Samantha Kemp-Jackson. 13
PoeticKat Poetry, poetry prompts, and other writings of the metaphorical 12
Gratefully Yours Stories about life, relationships, writing, poetry, and finding gratitude in the most unusual places. 12
Coffee & Poetry With Sara Marie Collection of poems, short + long-form verse and inspirational musings by yours truly. 11
Heard Poetry Poetry where diverse, collective voices can be heard. 11
Land of Limericks A place for Limerick poems on Medium 10
Poetry & Politics ‘Over-reading’ words by the unacknowledged legislators of the world 9
Art of JRB Stories of Dealing with Mental Health, Depression, Life, and Love; art too 9
Born Ink A home of the Moon and her lady. Where her stories and everything meets day of light. 9
Broad Street’s Rivals & Players Broad Street’s Winter 2019 issue features lovers, fighters, warriors, war reenactors, ad men, insects, and neighbors. Do we play the game, or does the game play us? What do we get when we spin Fortune’s wheel? Who’s watching, anyway — and when are they coming for us? 9
Minor Clash Poetry, Short Stories, and Other Musings 9
A Writer’s Rites Exploring the rites of writing, a little poetry, and everything that falls between. 9