Publications tagged `POETRY`
Name Followers
Brave&Inspired Where our personal strength breaks through barriers 52
Haiku Love Fearless and shy beauty #NoFilterApplied 52
Haiku Poem Trove This publication inspired by life and written in the form of a Haiku. These short poems take on many themes, from love to nature and life to death. 51
365 Days of Poetry by Gosia Rokicka A poem a day for a year by @gosiawrites. 48
Writers on Fire A publication to showcase the work of members of the Writers on Fire Online Writing Group 47
Song of the Lark A publication by Lark Morrigan (est. July 16, 2019) 47
White Jasmine A collection of poetry and prose 46
MutualArt Magazine MutualArt is your one-stop source to the art market, from auction prices to the most exciting exhibitions and art analytics. Magazine: 45
Whitaker Writings Words are used every day to communicate, but the words in the Poems and Stories found in Whitaker Writings convey emotions. They will make you laugh or cry, excite you or send you deep into thought, but above all else, they will make you feel. 44
The Dream Verse A World of Content from The Dreamers. 44
Juxtapose The chiaroscuro and sfumato of life. Poetry with mature themes, including sex and abuse. 43
Defuncted A Collection of Abandoned Things 41
Humor! Authenticity! Magic! HAMing it up with Marilyn 40
Afro Scribe Musings of race, education, and the human condition told thru poetry, short fiction, and essays 39
This Shall be Our Story Our Dreams, Not mere fantasies 38