Publications tagged `POETRY`
Name Followers
The Purple Pen This publication for people who love reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. 255
Without Borders Poetry, stories, and experiences of immigrants, travelers, and people who push, defy, live above and beyond borders in and out of their personal lives 249
Music Voices Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch 244
Millennial Poets Poetry for Millennials. Read Poetry, Quench Your Angst 230
Wild Heart Writers We are wild at heart. We are restless. We are fueled by desire and sustained by art. Our hearts crave beauty and are easily filled with it. We ache for freedom. Our hearts swell in their cages. We have the courage to stitch together the darkness and the light. 223
Broads Non Grata Disrupt — discover new voices and new aspects of known voices. Pour in your raw emotions of feeling like an outsider to flourish in hope to work towards a more diverse/inclusive world. 219
Café Con Leche Poetry in English and Spanish/ Poesía en Inglés y Español 215
Quartz-Boulevard The Global Poetry Review 213
cosgrrrl An alliance of misfits. We battle evil by talking about what we love. 208
MutualArt Magazine Magazine: Flipboard: 207
trampset A literary journal for the tramps. We publish fiction, nonfiction, and poetry on a rolling basis. Explore the site section tabs for more details. 206
DelapierceD Social Emotional Leftist, M.Ed. 203
Giulia Listo Brazilian poet daring to write beyond my own bell jar. 202
Romance Monsters Let’s get real about love and relationships. 200
Moments Pub A wall of emotional venting, short little notes to share with the world. Poetry and small little pieces of writing will be published here! 199