Publications tagged `POETRY`
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Broads Non Grata Disrupt — discover new voices and new aspects of known voices. Pour in your raw emotions of feeling like an outsider to flourish in hope to work towards a more diverse/inclusive world. 94
Immersed in Verse — Michelle Monet Poetry Eclectic poetry. No rules. Rhyme and non rhyme or just ‘whateverr’ 86
Tabula Rasa Cheney Meaghan’s Place for Poetry 85
Law of Connections Elevating Our Connections to Each Other and the Mother 83
Parallel: TashInTheClouds Poetry on select themes from different perspectives. 82
THE PIVOT POINT When you're ready to consider 82
Heartbreak poetry documenting a love story, that ended with a painful heartbreak 78
Stories Publi Creative writing, fiction, poetry and non-fiction publication. We believe that everyone has a story to tell! 75
Unarchived Writings How to travel in time, read. How to feel time, write. — Matt Haig 73
Sonnetry Perfection in fourteen lines. 70
Micromyths Micromyths are bitesize, wise, haunting, or insightful imaginative tiny tales. 69
The Nassau Literary Review The second oldest undergraduate literary magazine in the nation and the oldest student publication at Princeton University. 67
Conscious Paradoxalism Conscious Paradoxalism is a new art movement founded with the publication of The Paradoxa Manifesto. The revolution of the Renaissance gave rise to Academic normal art. The revolution of Modernism gave rise to Postmodern art, the new academic normal art. CP is the new revolution. 65
PeculiarJulia's Magical Emporium of Poetry & Prose Poetry and prose: poems and stories and things that are written on Medium 64
Music Voices Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch 63