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The Demoread A weekly letter on art, music, books, teaching, writing, and the ravine behind my house. Delivered Sundays. 0
Kapsule A publication that champions expertise within music culture, Kapsule offers editorially-driven articles which aim to engage, inform, and provoke thought. 0
11.47 Named after an intimate gig night at Worcester’s very own cellar bar. A centrally grounded, Libertarian Publication. Offering honest reviews for honest, quality music, A creative writing platform, Political opinion and commentary on Housing, Real Estate and The Markets. 0
American Classical Orchestra The American Classical Orchestra, under the direction of founder Thomas Crawford, is NYC’s leading period instrument orchestra. 0
New Trending Music, Money, Business & Relationships — For Those That Have Been There & Done That 0
RiverRhythms Profiles and Depictions of all things music. 0
Listen to the Music Listen to the Music is dedicated to talking about music worth listening to. Whether you’re a new or old music listener, you’re sure to find something worth a listen here. 0
Ad-Lips Personal Poetry on Rap Poetry 0
The Devil’s Music Articles that don’t need to be written, but are born of compulsion. Excessive, bloated, but always well crafted. Dial in hard for thoughts and revelations you didn’t know you needed. Find a new way to look at an album, an artist or even record collecting. 0
By Axel Introspective pieces about the music that has impacted me and shaped my life. 0
Art’s Content Art’s Content: A publication dedicated to the love of art, in all its forms. From musings on Museums to Music, and everything inbetween: expect opinion pieces, reviews and wonderings on the place of art in today’s society. Follow, Support and Read to your Art’s Content! 0