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Honest Music Talking about music, honestly. 4
Adrian Kwiatkowski Music, tech, ideas and thoughts. 4
idiots_delight Hot thoughts about movies, TV, music, books, comics, storytelling, etc. 3
Found My Sandal I thought I'd lost it, but then I saw it. 3
Cosmic Magazine Mystical Scene Magazine 3
Behind The Groove Named after Teena Marie’s 1980 classic, “Behind The Groove,” this blog gets to the stories behind the grooves and artists who created your favorite R&B and Hip Hop Classics of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. 2
A Rough Cut Not Trying to be a Meme 2
RawMusicTV The latest in new music. 2
XMinus20 Classic Rock Reviews Essays, articles, and listicles that review, critique, and celebrate the greatest classic rock songs, albums, and performances of the 1960s and 1970s as perceived through a GenX writer's lens, who wishes she had been there to experience it. 2
CLIPP Chronicles and tips from and for young music producers and artists. 1
scampblog media and arts analysis, criticism 1
sameconversation Articles, reviews and think-pieces spanning all corners of music. 1
6 Album Sunday Extracts and highlights from my weekly b(log) of listening. 1
The Defeatist Failed attempts at Movie, TV, Music, and other Pop Culture writings by @patrickwenzel 1
CROOKES Magazine Exclusive Interviews & Photoshoots from the Digital Publication 0