Publications tagged `MUSIC`
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Read About It A "showcase" for writing and ideas. 29
beats and thoughts Beats and Thoughts is a publication centered around music and the emotions, musings, and purpose that come with the art form. Put simply, the publication is my attempt to make sense of my love for music. 28
Noods Radio Noods Radio: Editorial 28
Scavenger Music, books, films 27
Music For Inspiration Providing insightful content about hip hop and R&B music to inspire positive action. Instagram: @musicforinspirations 26
Shore2Shore Country Opinions and historical examinations of America’s greatest genre along with my own takes on what’s happening in today’s country music world. 26
The Modern Musician The Modern Musician showcases what life is like as a classical musician in the modern era. Stories cover music trends, career options and more. 24
Climate Conscious Collabs Climate Conscious Collabs is a publication that seeks to highlight creatives who are working to tackle societal issues through various art forms. We also seek to provide commentary on current events and pressing societal issues. 23
HTMV Music Videos are awesome and they are still being made. Music Videos live on HTMV. 23
The Renaissance Project The Renaissance — Rap and Hip Hop’s Revolutionary Publication is a digital zine dedicated to providing innovative, honest thought in regards to the future of hip hop, as a culture and a music genre. @TheRenProj everywhere. 22
Music and Musings Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything — Plato 22
ReNoob Let’s learn music-making together 21
The Juice A collaborative publication where community is key. We aim to give a platform for up and coming artists and writers to showcase their work and for anyone who doesn’t see their voice and experiences represented in mainstream media. 20
sun rose early art, music, culture and hooliganism 20
Opera Criticism in a Modern World Editorial materials, reviews, interviews, and essays. My way to improve the opera industry. I’m Polina Lyapustina and I’m currently writing for No story is a part of Medium’s metered paywall. 19