Publications tagged `MUSIC`
Name Followers
BLOGARHYTHMS Articles on guitars, guitarists, musicianship and popular music 9
Audioxide Reports from the soundscapes. 8
amanmusthaveacode The blog provides commentary on music, sports and pop culture. It looks at overarching themes and issues and goes beyond the typical stories. Most of all, it tries to laugh: give laughing a chance. Do it for the culture (and the ‘gram sure). 8
Wiseman Once Said For the pieces that don’t fit elsewhere or are uniquely me. 8
That Culture, Lifestyle & Vibe The fuel for fuller living can be found in the enlightening quality of art, literature and learning. Our magic stems from a culture of knowledge-sharing. What we consume, we actualize. Find your vibe in our list of recommended podcasts, movies, books and more. 8
The Beatles FAQ Fun stuff about the Fab Four. 7
M+M Music Review Read and hear Matt + Marcos review new hip-hop and R&B. 7
Front Row Medium isn’t just for writer’s anymore 7
Penny Reel Est. 2014 7
Sink or Sing On the art, the joy and the struggle of being your own instrument. 7
Offner Offbeat Digital compilation of works written by Daniel Offner 7
MERZ dAIgest Creative Human-machine Collaboration 7
Cultivating Improvisation Integrating individual past experience with an improvising mentality motivates new perspectives for solving problems on the go. 7
OFFtheRECORD An ironic publication on self, literature, film, art and tech, and music. 6
The Cultural Savage Analysis, Interviews, Profiles and Reviews of Music, Vision, Art & Life in General 6