Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Holyfield Sports & Culture 5
Ideas On Info We are a small, independent website offering information and ideas on the world around us. We aim to produce our content in such a way as to provide a clear divide between what is fact and what is opinion. 5
Voyages The World is yours to see 5
The Friday Post Another Indian Muslim blog 5
The Pie Exploring the Ingredients of Today’s Mental Models and Emerging Improvements 5
James Beard Foundation Good food for good™ // 5
Altluxe The evolution of luxury 5
Part-Time Thinker I’m only part-time because there are only so many hours. I’ll use this space as a sort of live journal to explore topics and issues I’m thinking about. In doing so I hope to refine my own positions and maybe even open your mind to new perspectives. 5
Earth To Abigail Focused on the unusual and creative aspects of technology. 5
AVIOT: Unraveled In a world where outrage culture seems all too common, the following publication explores controversial opinions expressed on the AVIOT podcast by way of its often politically incorrect co-hosts. 4
Kritiqal Kritiqal is website focused on writing about video games from unorthodox and underserved perspectives. Its goal is to create discussions around games as an art form, as well as spotlight smaller independent games and developers creating cool things in interesting places. 4
Paradigm Cascadia Pacific Northwest Vibes. Culture and Conservation. 4
Elitist Underground We are a non-traditional travel publication focusing on the absurd and the unseen. 4
InsertPhilosophyHere Insert Philosophy Here — Adding philosophical depth to anything and everything. 4
Consider That Consider That provides a collection of unique ideas and perspectives stretching from culture and lifestyle to politics and current affairs. 4