Publications tagged `CULTURE`
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Thinkpiece Magazine Thinkpiece is a magazine of thoughtful short nonfiction 0
Eating and Drinking Around the World This is not a food blog. Yes, there are recipes within, but the focus is more on placing different aspects of international cuisine into their historical context, exploring how they developed and how significant they are to a countries identity. 0
The Psychedelic Society The Psychedelic Society is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to create a culture of deep connection to self, each other, the natural world and the mystery of existence. 0
the nuanced african Medium’s home of authentic African stories by Africans and friends of Africa. Here, when we tell and retell our stories with our own voices, we silence the misconceptions about Africa and invite the world into the essence of the Ebony continent. 0
AVIOT: Critic’s Choice In today’s society where “cancel culture” runs rampant, politically incorrect talking points, no matter the intention, often seem taboo or appear offensive to mass groups. Here, we unpack touchy subjects discussed on the AVIOT podcast, known for its honesty no matter the result. 0
The World Unlimited Cultural differences, travel stories, and curios facts from all over the world. 0
A Thousand Plateaus Welcome to A Thousand Plateaus, a series of essays about the ebbs and flows of culture. 0
Dismantle — Locate Taking apart ideas, events and philosophies to better understand how everything fits together. 0
No Hierarchies New and creative ways to talk about arts & culture with absolutely zero scores, ratings, and rankings. Just thoughts, creativity, affect, and questions. 0
Funboat Diplomacy Stories and perspectives from around the world about the diverse histories, people, cultures, and interactions from the individual to the global 0
Emotions in Motion Culture and society publication aiming to inspire, provide knowledge and encourage inclusion and diversity of writers and topics. 0