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Divided Divided is dedicated to shining light and love on the grey areas of our society. We don’t make the opinions, we give you the information to build your own — from pineapple pizza to eugenics, there is a controversy for everyone. 1
No Hierarchies New and creative ways to talk about arts & culture with absolutely zero scores, ratings, and rankings. Just thoughts, creativity, affect, and questions. 1
The Superlative The rendezvous of mentors, mentees, and mates. And a place for laughter and learning. Contact us at and become a part of our community. 1
What’s Going On In Japan Research notes from a Japanese culture enthusiast 1
The Not So Daily Emma This is a welcoming and safe place for all people. Articles here could range from the benefits of microdosing to the tragedy of my clumsinesss. Happy Reading! 1
bling bling Covering pop culture from 2000–2009 1
The German Perspective Perspectives from Germany. By, for, and from the German (“DACH”) natives. All things about Germany, and other German-speaking regions. (As of right now, I’m just one guy. Feel free to contribute!) 1
Message to Society Try to send an answer to the world. It’s time for a change. 1
Law and Culture This publication is a mix of personal essays and researched pieces, where I try to re-examine the norms and rules we have all abided by. 1
Spicy or Mild I like my humor spicy with a side of honey mustard dipping sauce 1
Compare & Contrast We celebrate the classic ‘compare and contrast’ essay. At school this was often confined to studying two books or the impact of Tudor Queens. At C&C we want not just these posts, but essays exploring anything and everything. Show us what you’ve got! 1
The Oyster Burger Chronicles Is there any sandwich better than the oyster burger? Join Richard J. Goodrich as he tours the world looking for the best samples of this culinary delight. 1
The Dark Academician A publication where you express your Dark Academic urgings 1
foundation ministry “For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord, because they have called you an outcast…” Jer 30:17 0
Reform School For the smart kids that sat in the back of the bus. 0