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The Look One critic’s gaze at film, TV, clothes and history 28
Films from the Future Snips, clips, and insights, from the forthcoming book Films from the Future: The Morality and Technology of Sci-Fi Movies (available now for pre-order) 27
Media Cake Asymmetrical words and thoughts on film, television, streaming, books, anime, comic books, games, and more, with a heavy emphasis on science fiction, fantasy, horror, and anything else that’s cool. 26
Swish Question yourself 25
Freshly Popped Culture Commentary on all things entertainment. Get it while it’s hot. 25
PopCandie The best candy you'll ever read. 25
B-roll Film reviews, lists, and ramblings by students with way too much time on their hands. 24
Reflections of a Grown-Up Fan Fandoms and media shape the world view of youths, but, when looking back on films, television, books, and comics…do they hold up? 21
The Projector The blog of film writer Kyle Kizu 18
The Aspiring Critic Incisive critiques and the occasional pun 17
More About Movies Reviews, Interviews with Filmmakers, and Commentary from Movie Critic Nell Minow and Guest Contributors on Current and Classic Films 15
One Reel At A Time Pop Culture for everyone, every day. 12
Science vs. Hollywood Checking the Facts, Sharing the Truth 8
The Entertentainment Breakdown This is the place for reviews, retrospectives, or analysis of your favorite games, chapters of your comics/manga, books, TV series/ Anime shows, music artists, and the well known or underrated movies you feel need love or need to be critiqued in a respectful manner. 8
CinéMag We undergo the, excruciatingly, painful task of watching films and TV regularly so you don’t have to, and of course: You’re welcome. 8