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A Series of Unfortunate Ramblings @polymorphings has a lot to say about media and not much to say about artichokes. Which is why you won’t find anything about them here. 7
Beyond Tinsel Entertainment production beyond Los Angeles 7
Everygeek Making it easier to like what you like. 7
Stale Popcorn When the last of the credits have rolled and the lights go up, the conversation begins, and it doesn’t end until the theater employees ask you to leave. Stale Popcorn is for the true cinephile, who never wants to stop gushing about the films they love. 6
“You Need To See This…” Films you’ve never seen but should, films you have seen but should watch again 6
Mass Forces Media & Culture in the mix. 4
idiots_delight Hot thoughts about movies, TV, music, books, comics, storytelling, etc. 3
The Novelization Station A blog about movie novelizations 3
Grief Book Club Reviews of books, movies & TV shows that focus on loss and grief 3
The Subscriber Taking The Deep Dive Into Sports And Pop Culture 3
Verine Magazine Verine is a magazine dedicated to solutions journalism and investigative journalism, covering power, politics, justice, human rights, economics, creativity and entertainment. Knowledge to make a difference. 3
SHOTS ZINE SHOTS ZINE is an independent, student run publication. 1
Flexible Head Films and so on… 1
visceralgamers Community written 1
The Defeatist Failed attempts at Movie, TV, Music, and other Pop Culture writings by @patrickwenzel 1