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Software decay and our fear of the legacy yet to come

We all have seen software being marked as obsolete and named legacy. A messy thing that no fellow Engineer would like to touch, a cost in…

Android Testing Strategy

Testing an Android application was always hard. In the past couple of years we got access to better tools, but we still rely a lot on…

Silent Retrospective

In May 2018 during XP Conference Porto I got a chance to participate a workshop from Lula & Romeu about Extreme visual thinking.

Small details matter

Knowing your purpose is the trigger to achieve the greater things in your life. Most of the times it’s triggered by small and simple…

The power is in what you don’t see

When you are working for a company that claims to embrace agility, you are always questioning whether they really believe in that approach…

Lisbon Open Data Meetup

One week from today (on September 19th) we’ll be hosting Lisbon Open Data Meetup’s event, in which Jonathan Freeman will be presenting “400…

Resilience testing: breaking software for added reliability

There are many unknowns in life and software, but one thing’s for sure: our old pal Murphy is going to intervene at some point, and things…

Pr. Police: Keep track of pull-requests waiting for review

At Talkdesk we take code reviews very seriously. It’s part of our tech culture and our workflow. We find it’s one of the best tools that…

Ninjas’ guide to getting started with VisualVM

At Talkdesk, we’ve been exploring a number of JVM languages, including JRuby, Kotlin and Scala.

Stream Processing Metamorphosis - A Kafka’s tale

Every new internet startup can be seen as an act of creation. You start small with a limited scope: a small web app (e.g Rails) and a…


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