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John Palattella

John has worked at The Nation, CJR, and other magazines.

Latest Posts

Inheriting the Wind

Review of Unconscious: An Olfactory History of the Fingerhof Family

The 89-ers Respond to the Collapse of Their Dreams

Ivan Krastev, Anne Applebaum and Timothy Snyder on the anti-liberal turn

Who Remembers Paliomylos?

From the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus

Riding in the Passenger Seat

On the trail of a serial killer

The Gambit

Chess as family history

I’m Staying

Seven Reasons Why I Remain in the Catholic Church

Danube Revisited

A Bulgarian writer took a trip down the Danube with a group of photographers. This is what happened. (The first of a three-part series.)

It Can Happen to US

In 1940, a twenty-four-year-old Peter Viereck warned of “The Coming American National Socialism.” He had some ideas for how to stop it.

Beyond Tokyo and Jerusalem

Review of Silence. By Shūsaku Endō. Translated by William Johnston (1969). Taplinger Publishing Company, 1980, 294 pp.

In the Back of Beyond

Reflections on the Black Sea


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