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Latest Posts

Writers’ Workspaces: Jessica Bendinger

Today, writer/director/producer (and Black List Lab mentor) Jessica Bendinger shares her evolving office space with us for the Writers’…

Essential Video Stores: Video Depot

I couldn’t tell you exactly what I set out to find when I began my journey to look for the Last Great Video Store last year. Of course, I…

Writers’ Workspaces: Ligiah Villalobos

Today, writer and producer Ligiah Villalobos (SUPER MONSTERS MONSTER PETS) shares her space with us for the Writers’ Workspaces series!

Writers’ Workspaces: Jessica Sharzer

Today, writer and producer Jessica Sharzer (A SIMPLE FAVOR, AMERICAN HORROR STORY) shares her space with us for the Writers’ Workspaces…

Essential Music Movies: John Henderson on THE LAST WALTZ

“This film should be played loud!” So begins THE LAST WALTZ, the 1978 concert film of The Band’s final show which took place at the…

The Essentials: Essential Romantic Comedies + Nancy Meyers

There’s a hardening of the culture. Reality TV has lowered the standards of entertainment. You’re left wondering about the legitimacy of…

Essential Music Movies: Rick Mele on POPSTAR: NEVER STOP STOPPING

“Where to start? Ever since I was born, I was dope.” That’s our intro to Conner4Real, Andy Samberg’s swaggy, oversharing, Anne Frank…

Essential Music Movies: Jace Serrano on RAY

Music biopics often follow a similar formula. Artist comes from a humble background but has major talent. Artist gets discovered and has…

Writers’ Workspaces: Guinevere Turner

Today, we chat with screenwriter and actor Guinevere Turner (CHARLIE SAYS, AMERICAN PSYCHO) about her space for the Writers’ Workspaces…

Essential Music Movies: Oscar Moreno on JULIET, NAKED

What if one of the most famous and reclusive musicians in the world answered to your negative review of one of their albums?


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