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Latest Posts

The Disability List

We’re so thrilled to announce the inaugural Disability List, created in partnership with the Media Access Awards, Easterseals, and the…

The Essentials: Essential Neo-Noir Films + The Coen Brothers

We create monsters and then we can’t control them. — Joel Coen

Essential Psychological Thrillers: Simon Nagel on THE BAD SEED

THE BAD SEED was my first midnight movie. I don’t remember too many specifics aside from being roughly eleven years-old at the time. On…

Essential Psychological Thrillers: Lindsay Grossman on THE LADY VANISHES

Okay, let’s get real. Hitchcock is legendary. But, if I were to ask an average person on the street to name a Hitchcock film, my guess is…

Essential Psychological Thrillers: Mallika Pal on HEREDITARY

They say that thrillers are just horror movies that critics like. While both genres share distinct similarities, the psychological aspect…

Essential Psychological Thrillers: Jace Serrano on FRAILTY

Some of my favorite psychological thrillers have been massive commercial hits that were also nominated for many major awards; for example…

Essential Psychological Thrillers: David Wales on BURNING

BURNING (2018) is a lyrical, simmering, dangerous, post-modern thriller that exists in a chaotic discontinuity where roiling molten core…

Essential Psychological Thrillers: Kevin Dulaney on PRIMAL FEAR

In 1996, the world was introduced to Edward Norton in the psychological thriller PRIMAL FEAR.

Essential Psychological Thrillers: John Henderson on RAISING CAIN

The tagline for RAISING CAIN reads, “When Jenny cheated on her husband, he didn’t just leave… He split,” a perfect — yet slightly…

The Black List Interview: Bong Joon-ho on PARASITE

Bong Joon-ho’s films defy all conventional cinematic classification: Throughout the complex narratives of films like MOTHER, THE HOST, and…


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