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Kate Hagen

Writer. Director of Community at @theblcklst. Spooky.

Franklin Leonard

Founder & CEO of the Black List; Host of the Black List Table Reads; Story, politics, and football (soccer) fan

Lauren Brown

Chief of Staff at The Black List

Latest Posts

The WarnerMedia Writer Pipeline Project

WarnerMedia and The Black List have partnered to launch a pipeline initiative to provide visibility and feedback for aspiring professional…

The Black List Interview: Omid Iranikhah

Today, we talk to Omid Iranikhah about how the past, present, and future have shaped his journey as a writer. Omid was selected as this…

In Search of The Last Great Video Store: A Directory

As my dear friend Lauren Brown would say: It’s been a hard year.

The Black List Interview: Kevin Bachar

Today, we talk to Kevin Bachar about how the past, present, and future have shaped his journey as a writer. Kevin’s script THE INHABITANT…

Why We Write: Lamar Kukuk

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t “the writing guy.” The impulse to tell stories has bubbled inside me from my earliest recollections…

Why We Write: Tim Jackson

We write because we’re lonely. I mean, that’s the reason someone can sit down and spend weeks, months, maybe even years getting wrapped up…

Why We Write: Beverly Chukwu

Birthed to a Body of Words

Why We Write: Sammy Hutchison

A college professor of mine once told me of his artist friend who would make a piece of art every single day. He was so prolific in the…

Why We Write: Arnon Z. Shorr

Scribbling Outside the Lines with Jewish Pirates and Rabbis in the Old West

Why We Write: Jessika Fuhrmaneck

I wrote my first tiny book when I was in kindergarten. I still have it. I wrote the story, illustrated it, and made the cover out of some…


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