Stories and thoughts from THE ICONIC’s tech team.

Ollie Brennan

Head of Engineering & IT at THE ICONIC — I also happen to own an awesome Kitten

Piers Warmers

Software Engineer at THE ICONIC

Aaron Weatherall

Multi-disciplined Software Engineer and API Expert, Zend Framework 2 Certified System Architect, Consultant, Boat Restorer, Blogger and Fluffy Cat Owner.

Daniel Winter-Wijntjes

Tech Manager / Senior Engineer in Fulfilment Operations at THE ICONIC | Musician | Kiwi 🥝 🇳🇿

Latest Posts

How infrastructure as code helps us deploy to production quicker, a beginners’ primer

Getting code into production has changed a lot over the last few years. IaC is at the heart to that change. Here are some of its benefits.

How to simplify cron monitoring with a simple bash trick

If you have worked with software systems long enough you have surely worked with cron. Cron is a time-based task scheduler in UNIX-like…

Evident logs are important for every software, an ERP is no exception

Ever wondered how long does that SQL query takes to run or those 10 lines for code from lines 21–30? We were faced with similar issues…

Is that O(n²)? Look closely

A small guide to run-time analysis of code

Why is my array_uintersect acting weird?

A deep dive into the internals of array_uintersect so you can avoid pitfalls when using it in your implementations.

Debugging composite indexes in MySQL with EXPLAIN

How to use the key_len field in MySQL EXPLAIN output to make the best use of the composite indexes

Upgrading NAV 2009 to 365 Business Central: Reducing Data Upgrade Time

Data is an essential component of every ERP system. It grows with every transaction and each of them represents a detail of the company…

Keeping the lights on (SRE whilst scaling)

Have you ever wondered what a large scale online pure-play does to keep its systems online and scaling 24/7? Ever wondered how we can…

Mocking and Spying DynamoDB in JS Integration Tests

How to write a meaningful integration test for a simple Node.js backend microservice wrapping DynamoDB

Drawing parallels between engineering teams and music bands

Our squads most likely work as a band or orchestra.


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