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The Startup Medium's largest active publication, followed by +503K people. Follow to join our community. 503,618
OneZero The frontlines of the future. A new Medium publication about tech and science. 64,929
Good Audience The front page of Deep Tech. Don't miss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. Straight from practitioners. 16,496
FutureSin Futurism articles bent on cultivating an awareness of exponential technologies while exploring the 4th industrial revolution. 12,737
ALTCOIN MAGAZINE The best damn place to read and write about crypto and blockchain. 7,167
Origin Protocol Origin is building the sharing economy of tomorrow. Buyers and sellers will be able to transact without rent-seeking middlemen. We believe in lowering transaction fees, promoting free and transparent commerce, and giving early participants in the community a stake in the network. 1,784
IntoTheBlock Empowering Blockchain Intelligence 151
CasperLabs Building the decentralized future 65