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Blockchain Positive Blockchain for social good is here. 389
The Challenge Our goal is to build a world that democratizes opportunity, where people control their own privacy and property, and all people participate in processes that are transparent, trustworthy and inclusive. Join us. #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin #technology 371
Hashed Team Blog To empower networks and innovators in building the decentralized future. 256
Crypterium Spend your digital assets with the same ease as cash and payment cards. 191
ORMEUS ECOSYSTEM Ormeus is a new digital money system. We are a new breed of coin backed by a fully-audited industrial crypto mining operation and Ormeus Cash (OMC), a true transactional coin for a new era. Partnered with COTI. 168
On the Block A blog about all things blockchain with a mission of introducing people to future. On the Block explores topics ranging from blockchain basics to the viability of emerging cryptos and applications being built with smart contracts. 1