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We serve as digital craftsmen. We combine emerging technology, creativity, and exceptional usability to build beautiful products and unique experiences.

Tyson Damman

Creative Director at Perficient Digital Labs

Dan Thompson

Emerging Technology Expert. AR, VR, MR, Hololens, IoT. Bits & Atoms. But also Hockey, Pinball, & Ohio. @_DANTHOMPSON

Latest Posts

Beyond the Headset: How real-world interfaces can augment Virtual Reality experiences

What if you could share a VR experience with someone without actually being in VR yourself? What real-world actions can affect a VR world?

A new way to experience space

Building an automated tour guide

Asking the right questions: How UX Design Discovery Works

How to ask the right questions to break down complex problems and create innovative user experience design.

Adventures in 3D — Pitfalls and problems with USDZ and iOS Quicklook

An exploration of issues that we’ve run into while using Apple’s newest iOS Quicklook Augmented Reality technology and file format.

Adventures in 3D — Streamlining the conversion of assets for iOS Quicklook and USDZ

Some tips and tools to make the preview and creation process of USDZ files a little easier.

Adventures in 3D — A Cinema 4d to iOS AR Quicklook / USDZ Workflow

We love USDZ and the AR Quicklook functionality within iOS. We also love Cinema 4d. However, it’s not easy to create a USDZ file from C4d.

Adventures in 3D — Why and How you should be investing in iOS Quicklook and USDZ

What do USDZ files provide that make them different? Why would you use them? How big is that impact?

USDZ: Converting 3D models and other start-up tips

Getting started with the Apple Quicklook file format.

Enhancing Chicago’s public transit with Augmented Reality: Sign Detection and Route Visualization

Exploring the future of transit information display with augmented reality.

Using Spark AR Studio for UX Design

Since we’ve started building augmented reality experiences, I’ve been searching for a tool that allows for more realistic mock-ups…


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