Perspectives on Visual Storytelling

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Doug Bierend

Freelance writer, friendly fella, having a long think. Bylines in WIRED, Motherboard, New Food Economy, Bright, Vantage, others

Liza Faktor

transmedia producer and co-founder of Screen. @screenprojects

Pete Brook

Writer, curator and educator focused on photo, prisons and power. SF Bay Area, Calif.

Vantage Editors

@brookpete /@dougbierend / @faktorl. We observe, question and critique visual culture.

Latest Posts

Race and Trump’s Fast Food Feast at the White House

Looking at Joshua Roberts’ photo in the State Dining Room

The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media — The Reading the Pictures…

On December 6th, 2018, Reading the Pictures and the Magnum Foundation presented a unique online event: The Visual Representation of the…

Chatting the Pictures: Trump Hotel Games Shutdown; New Women of Congress; Jail Hell in Manila

Welcome to the latest edition of Chatting the Pictures, a weekly, micro-edition of the Reading the Pictures Salon. In each 20-minute…

The Raised Hand

Some thoughts on the pitfalls of photographing religious observance

A Renaissance for Live Cinema

VR and AR may take all the headlines, but the progressive field of live cinema and audiovisual art performance is just as vital and…

Laia Abril Grapples with Rape Culture

Misogyny has blighted our societies for a long time. One artist's longterm project 'A History of Misogyny' has only just begun.

On the Border Family Separation Crisis

Photographs are catalysing action

From the Olympics to Singapore: Kim Jong Un's Remarkable Visual Makeover

The North Korean dictator has proved himself a master at softening his media image

Distance Is Punishment

A photographer scours Russia for historical memory of the Gulag

The Nationalistic Nonsense of Royalty on Instagram

How pretty pictures help keep the kings in power


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