John Elkington

Co-founder, Environmental Data Services ('78), SustainAbility ('87), Volans ('08). Author 19 books. Blogs @ http://johnelkington.com/journal.

Richard Roberts

Project Breakthrough Lead @ Volans. Fascinated by the future of business, sustainability, politics and history.

B. Lorraine Smith

Writer/consultant in NYC exploring regenerative economics; collaborator with https://medium.com/project-breakthrough more at https://www.blorrainesmith.com/

Latest Posts

Sustainability Goes Political

There is no apolitical path to a truly sustainable economy. That means corporate sustainability leaders need to become more political.

Can Competition Cure Capitalism?

A new book proposes an old remedy for the US economy’s failure to deliver shared prosperity.

Business Wakes Up To Climate Emergency

As political leaders give in to a key demand of Extinction Rebellion, John Elkington of Volans explains how a platform of business leaders…

Breakthrough Cities: The Exeter Story

The latest report in our Breakthrough Cities series explores how the city of Exeter is applying the principles of breakthrough innovation.

The Most Important (and Least Asked) Questions in Economics

What is value? And what’s the purpose of economic activity? Two recent books have put these fundamental questions in the spotlight.

Six Lessons from Nori’s Director Of Carbon Economics

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Aldyen Donnelly, Director of Carbon Economics at Nori. Here are six things I learned.

Four Home Truths About The Struggle To Build A Sustainable Economy

A new book by four leading lights of the sustainability movement tells us much about what it will take to create a regenerative economy.

From Black Cloud to Joyful Chorus: Climate Week in NYC

September 24 marked the tenth Climate Week in New York City, a milestone heralded during a highly-produced and well-attended opening…

Climate Change: The Antidote To Democracy’s Mid-life Crisis

To shake off the scourge of populism, democracy needs a new project. How about reversing global warming?

Don’t own your phone — an interview with Fairphone’s Miquel Ballester

Few products embody the unsustainable world we continued to build in the early part of this century better than personal electronics…


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