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The Lobbyist A publication focused on developing businesses. 0
Containerize Develop insight to enterprise open source software. 0
My Sometimes Awesome, But Mostly Boring, Writing Adventures Writing not for fame, nor for fortune. But to learn and share. | Connect: 0
Agent-based models as digital twins “Digital Twin” is one of those evocative terms that everybody having some familiarity with computers and the digital world will immediately understand at an intuitive level, but probably also one that only a few of us will be able to define precisely. 0
CloudForDummies A Dummies Guide to Everything on Cloud . Speaking in simple terms , simple how-tos and a lot more. 0
Byte Size Tech The Latest Tech News, Summarized 0
More Magazine Get more out of life. 0
The Urban Homemaker A place to simplify your life, from cooking, parenting, minimalism and beyond. 0
Salty Buddha Reflections on meditations and buddhist teachings in the mind of a millennial. 0
Conceptual Viewpoint Here we are going to dig deep into the theoretical concepts behind the actual logical implementations. 0
Data: Science & Engineering In our fast paced, data driven world, we are faced with the challenge of developing agile software that can evolve with emerging technologies and do its work each time faster. Whether is engineering the data flow or running ML models to extract results, we have to handle our data 0
The High Press Everything I love about football — tactics, personalities, team identity, best and worst transfers, what teams can do to improve, and more. 0
pdmann The point of this publication is to get stories out there that I think will help others pursue a better world through. I will venture into all things I find interesting with an eye toward understanding how we learn, work, and grow. 0
Android Developers Corner This is a medium publications page for android developers and enthusiast to learn and share anything related to code, development, tools, tips and tricks. 0
Azim Advocates My vision is to achieve an articulation of speech. My mission is to attain clarity of thought. And the path I’m taking to reach this aim is through writing. 0