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Tolgee Tolgee aims to reshape the process of software localization with different approach, which aims to save time and effort of everyone who is getting involved such as developers and translators. 0
The World Unlimited Cultural differences, travel stories, and curios facts from all over the world. 0
Observing Notebook Personal musings as I continue to navigate life 0
Presidential Libraries A collection of my writing on presidential libraries and records, and the National Archives 0
the data base data science 0
the ballpark If it is about baseball, fact or fiction, written well, it will appear here 0
AVIOT: Critic’s Choice In today’s society where “cancel culture” runs rampant, politically incorrect talking points, no matter the intention, often seem taboo or appear offensive to mass groups. Here, we unpack touchy subjects discussed on the AVIOT podcast, known for its honesty no matter the result. 0
EndQuotes Strings of Logic 0
Sebastian News & Review The Sebastian News & Review is a passion project of mine that focuses on the very best that Fort Smith has to offer. Whether it is dining, local art, businesses, or festivals we are going to be covering it. 0
ScalingForever Join me in my journey as I learn how to build value 0
DeFi with SharedStake SharedStake and DeFi partners focus on decentralizing the future of finance. SharedStake is a decentralized Ethereum 2 staking platform that allows users to stake any amount of Ether and earn additional yield on top of their ETH2 rewards. 0
DATA2040 Spring 20201 Midterm Project Team LVL Part of a midterm project for DATA2040 @ Brown University 0
Dodgy Code Dodgy Code is a web development agency rooted in clean code, effective user experiences, and making the web a fun and vibrant place to be. We offer development services, technical consulting, and SEO expertise. 0
The Young Startup A publication by Thomas Schoffelen, with learnings about branding, strategy and working in teams. 0
Deep tour of Node JS Here in this publication we will try to cover unique and less common concepts and libraries of Node JS with clear and beginner friendly explanation 0