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Orbid Writings A place for tips and advice that could help future authors, or general writers that simply hope to learn and share. Here, there is the suggesting of amazing books as well as discovering and sharing other hobbies. A home of finding interests with stories. 0
Full-Stack Architecture Full-stack Architecting is a publication that considers how architectural and design decisions affect the entire stack. 0
By Gracia Kleijnen Well-intended writings on productivity, tools & optimisation, and better work. 0
johnphungtech I post about all things related to web development and cutting edge tech particularly struggles in trying to accomplish a certain objective for both personal and commercial projects. 0
DataStoryteller Leveraging a lifetime of passion in science and imaging as a data visualization specialist. 0
SAM-IZ-DAT Samizdat (Russian: Самизда́т, lit. “self-publishing”) 0
Electoral University Press All about America’s least popular voting system 0
EmotionalMUSE for Parents This publication contains parenting articles related to emotional health and our children. 0
Rigging Real ‘Artificially’ Solving real problems using machine learning 0
31Ghosts Horror movie reviews every day of October. 0
Recursive Automation by EyeCreality Home automation is often approached from “How should I automate my life?”. Recursive Automation is about “Why should I automate?” or “What should I automate?.” This blog focuses not only on the How but puts it in a context of Why, What and Should. 0
La Legión Es una publicación para debates históricos 0
The AI Education Project The AI Education Project makes AI literacy accessible by providing engaging online curriculum that addresses the general knowledge and skills needed to be informed citizens and workers. We use Medium to share updates and write about relevant content. 0
Beampipe We are building A dead simple, privacy-centric web analytics tool that’s fun to use. 0 Read about what it’s like to be a contractor and get tips! 0