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Astral dandelion Here, ideas are like dandelions spreading in the wind. You may take one from a movie, a TV show, a song or a book and meditate about its meanings and teachings. Wether psychological, symbolic or spiritual, be welcomed if you want to discover new seeds! 0
PlayCloud We write about the art of teaching and leading children. 0
Thinking Ahead Design and Development Essays 0
My♗Reality Check Our world is filled with daydreamers and hope givers, I am here to remind everyone the reality of the world by removing all the filters set by society and media. 0
The Liberal Circle An inviting home for free thought; philosophy, politics, personal essays and poetry. No magical “self-help”, “How To Become Successful on Medium” or “How to Write Better.” No constraints. No pampering. No strict publication rules or agenda. Just Discourse & High quality Writing. 0
GEN X Coming Between Helping GEN X navigate life, love and relationships between generations and destinations. 0
The Fulfilled Heart Positive life advice from a Christian perspective. 0
asurion-product-development Interesting technical and process challenges while creating products at Asurion. 0
Writers Perch The Writers Perch explores the love/hate relationship of writing, and offers strategies and helpful tips to make your writing journey as painless as possible 0
What is going on in Korea? Research notes from a Korean culture enthusiast 0
Gorilla Tech A blog by engineers for engineers — how Gorilla built a cutting-edge data processing platform 0
jon-tinkers-with-stuff My attempt to add to the huge repo of info already present on the web on web development, cloud computing, machine learning, Robotics/ROS 0
Correspondent New Zealand Aotearoa Quickly Up-To-Date With News Highlights From The Land Of The Long White Cloud with weekly news digest. Curated and fresh content. Founder/Editor: Sitara Morgenster, Freelance Journalist ( 0
Field 33 Field 33 helps humans in organizations to thrive in complex challenges. Our platform is used primarily in areas where interactions across system boundaries are important and organizational change is difficult - like digital and business transformation. 0
Sapere Knowledge Sharing 0