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SciSciEty A collection of essays on the role of science in society. Writers Welcome. 0
Amber Engine We provide brands selling B2C online with the insights they need to get to Amazon and other online marketplaces faster and more profitably. 0
Hackinghabits Everyone seems to be re-discovered the art of technical management from scratch. The community needs to come forward and share more with each other. This will ultimately benefit the team that relies on us. 0
ThePyNoob Documenting my journey as I learn python through programming projects 0
Deep learning notes Collection of personal research notes. 0
Kelly Brito I'm a branding professional, doing business online for over 15 years. Here is where I share my current views on life and some bs entrepreneurial trends I've been noticing lately. 0
Period Futures Period Futures is a playful project to explore a future world for periods. This publication is intended to be a vehicle for amplifying diverse voices; views expressed represent those of the interviewees/authors. All Period Futures content should only be used with written consent. 0
TalkHash TalkHash is a technical articles platform. Articles ranging from AWS, Python, Javascript, etc. 0
Lavinia’s World It’s a lovely page that is shared delicious foods and travel experience 0
DLKR Life Monthly photo essays featuring urban, landscape, and nature scenes from Tokyo, Japan. 0
Hard Knocks Publication A short story publication containing stories about people learning life lessons the hard way; from the school of hard knocks. Immerse yourself in Hard Knocks publishing selections that will passionately entertain, uplift, and inspire readers. They may even make you cry! 0
Writer Mood Our goal is to help authors develop their writing, learn how to have a work/life balance, and enjoy their passion every day. We publish articles about the craft, habits, and mental health. 0
Trygga Trygga builds accessible security solutions for authentication, messaging and secure storage 0
Odd History History doesn’t have to be boring. It’s filled with uncanny events, mystifying figures, and outlandish if not otherworldly phenomena 0
Nadeblog Articles on things I am learning. 0