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IssueVoter IssueVoter is the best way to make your voice count before new laws are passed, and keep politicians accountable. 47
Ice Cream Geometry "The greatest joy for me is geometry" - Henri Cartier-Bresson. "Instagram is all about ice cream and geometry" - Me. 47
Mad In America Mad in America’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care globally. We believe that the current drug-focused paradigm of care has failed our society, and that a more humane and science-based model of treatment is called for. 47
Unruly Engineering Find out more about Unruly's technology stack, open source contributions and product development team. 47
The Main Ingredient Blog We're The Main Ingredient. Scan. Build. Grow. Together. 47
ConsenSys Diligence Working on the front lines of best practices and software security auditing in the Ethereum ecosystem. To request auditing services, contact 46
nanopay Sharing news, insights and a fresh perspective on the future of money 46
Collaboration Room Forecast: chance of creative brainstorms. 46
Flex Dapps Putting the OC in Blockchain 46
Turing Society Organisation, focused to make world-class tech education available to all. 46
Lightshed We help teams get better results faster using design thinking and experimental innovation. 46
aeqdigital Designing and developing in Vancouver, Canada. 46
Engineering @ Applift Applift Engineering Blog 46
GardenerOracle The first free opensource oracle protocol connecting external data to blockchain applications 46
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to next:land next:land is an emerging continent of new ways of working, leading and organizing. This Hitchhiker’s Guide is a travel logbook capturing insights that dwarfs and Giants experienced working in organizational practice. Let’s get inspired in how to shape your organization! 46