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oldtayho Old Tayho Blog 1
Four Corners NBA NBA blog devoted to the game of basketball. 1
Koinological Koinological is the official Medium publication of the Koinology blog. We write about building, integrating and managing your online platform and presence. 1
200 million miles to go Every corner has a story 1
Delight Stories Adventure and romance in short stories, poetry, and cartoon 1
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 1
No racism in Berkeley politics: setting the record straight. Home of the free speech movement and 1st US city to divest from South African apartheid, Berkeley targets anti-racist activists and local paper issues racist and anti-semitic attacks on a Black City Councilmember and her aide for demanding accountability. 1
Blue Beach Song™ Thoughts Blue Beach Song™ Thoughts by Martie Hevia includes my musings on an ecclectic collection of subject-matter, from serious to humorous and everything in between. | | 1
Found My Sandal I thought I'd lost it, but then I saw it. 1
Low-Carb Food of the Gods Recipes, tips and tricks on how to cook well, without all the carbs 1
Trauma Queen Blog This is my personal story of trauma and the path to healing. 1
Exhibit Columbus An annual exploration of architecture, art, design, and community. 1
Ilija’s musings on software development My musings on building products, software development and tech in general 1
Doing Our Part Lessons learned during a three-year mission to the Southern Missouri Ozarks 1
The Great Moravian Empire A Canadian in his forties explores his Czech familial history and the questions about ethnicity and identity that are unearthed. 1