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Seven Days a Week Blog Seven Days a Week is a blog I started to share my cooking tips and recipes, DIY projects, inspiration, and a variety of other topics. 1
UFC StreetTalk A place for MMA articles and UFC news. 1
Retirement Type An Inspired Journey to Early Retirement 1
Jason Figures Sh*t Out. Things people probably discovered ages ago… 1
The Bedfordbury Chronicle Weekly serials (literature) and editorials. 1
Leading a Masterful Life Helping people structure their strong passion, purpose, healthy relationships and stronger, deeper connections with their joys and deepest desires. 1
Elitist Underground We are a non-traditional travel publication focusing on the absurd and the unseen. 1
Phraseology Strategic ideas for brand, content, and experience 1
The Big Smoke Australia Our aim is to provide a single platform that acts as a stage for varied, topical and interesting opinion. 1
Koinological Koinological is the official Medium publication of the Koinology blog. We write about building, integrating and managing your online platform and presence. 1
200 million miles to go Every corner has a story 1
Daily Londoner All things news, sports, food, travel, finance and blockchain 1
Praesta Insights Insight papers from Praesta Partners LLP, leaders in executive coaching, board development and C-suite performance consulting 1
Delight Stories Adventure and romance in short stories, poetry, and cartoon 1
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 1