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CodeFile Programming related articles 27
Kaushik’s Engineering Musings Here are somethings I thought were worth sharing. Will likely end up being a lot of Computer Science related stuff. 27
Wiser Tech All things technology, engineering, and development from the brains behind the retail data provider Wiser Solutions. 27
Apprentice Journal Stories and articles designed to introduce and grow mastery of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and visualization. 27
CREATORS Creators supports organizations in developing and improving innovation practices. We bridge the gap between corporate and startup worlds. LEARN MORE: 27
OmniSci Content about GPU-accelerated analytics. 27
Flipsnack digital publishing A collection of case studies, stories and opinions of the Flipsnack team 27
Kaodim Engineering Notes on software development, delivery and design. 27
KMakes design theories and musings 27
Blog on Data and Analytics Sharing practical examples for data analysis, statistics, and modeling. 27
AGENCY04 We are Agency04, Experts in enterprise software developement! Find us at 27
SciComm Book reviews Reviews of books about science and society 27
Buzzwords An unintrusive technology blog where we discuss into the emerging technologies and discussing new concepts 27
Sensor Lab Sensor Lab is based in Utrecht, NL. We are focused on the education, exploration and development of sensor and smart technologies. In today's data-driven world, it is important to explore their application, possibilities and the future opportunities yet to be discovered 27