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Landria An in-depth look at what makes companies collaborate successfully 7
Truthy or Falsy Musings of a web developer, reader, cook & music lover 7
flashbulbs Daily fiction warm-ups to force myself into a writing habit 7
WRITE&TRUE On living, working, and creating with integrity. 7
PAKT: sensemakers We are sensemakers: cultural insight for impact. PAKT is an interdisciplinary human understanding and cultural relevance studio. We specialize on systems thinking, cultural understanding and future visioning to provide long-term impact and relevance. 7
Promote Ukraine We cover the issues and subjects which do matter for Ukraine. 7
Budondo, Eastern Region, Uganda My journey as a MAMA HOPE Global Advocate partnering with the Suubi Health Centre and Budondo Intercultural Centre in Budondo, Uganda 7
thisisqredo Qredo is a decentralized custody network for decentralized digital assets. We provide immediate liquidity, post-quantum security and legal certainty to exchanges and funds with digital assets in custody. 7
Reflash Programming Adventures My adventures with programming 7
HTEC Group We are a center of innovation and software development. 7
theTechBlogger Blogging developments in software and technology 7
Sales and Marketing Leadership Sharing insights and advice on CRM, leadership, change projects, sales strategy and more. 7
Week of Saturdays Week of Saturdays answers questions, shares stories and solves problems for African freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote workers and other professionals-in-transition. 7
danil.smirnov Danil Smirnov’s blog 7
Total Kinetic Total Kinetic Consulting Blog — Transforming Human Potential 7