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@michaelbi_22303 A solution architect at Mesosphere. Loves distributed technologies. 7
Creative Scatterbrain Design, board games, a novel, D&D campaigns, homebrewed beer and other things. So many ideas. So little time. Join us in our pain. 7
Alex Hinds Portfolio Short project bios, devtips for use in my portfolio. 7
Aivo Stories We make Omnichannel Customer Service solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. And these are our stories. 7
Korapay Korapay allows you to send Money to Your Friends and Family Anywhere in Africa with Ease. Unlocking growth in emerging markets. | *Stories from the People of Korapay* 7
The New Social Contract Because we need to rethink our society 7
The Healthy City 2018 UT Students on Healthy Urban Living 7
The Non-essential An essay and journal compilation on the non-essential aspect of architecture. 7
The Learning Curve News & Views From the Leaders of Green Dot Public Schools 7
Tea Time With Irma A weekly column on women’s issues, self-love, mental health, and culture. 7
Monda Observanto Rethinking the world, providing our readers with insights on current world affairs that are not widely discussed, yet by no means any less important 7
Parentelligence Stories from real parents like you who strive to raise happy, healthy, confident, well-adjusted children in today’s crazy world from infancy through adulthood. 7
Ask Connoisseur Advancing Art Research and enhancing Art Market experience with the power of Artificial Intelligence | 7
Multiply Putting a financial plan in everyone’s hand 7
TheBigGame Gaming is about to reach a new level of simplicity, security, enjoyment, and transparency, along with the rise of the Global Lottery — one of the first global blockchain-based use cases. 7