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Jameses Tech Reviews Help you see tech in a nerdy way 0
Nikolas Sprunt I’m an Interaction Design student at UVU 0
Karmen3D Developers meet 3D print engineers—talking about programming and especially about Karmen: a cloud-hosted and open-source 3D printer management app. 0
The Illegally Low-Down Illegally Low makes sense of online political garbage. From Charlie Kirk tweets to Qanon garbage, we’re here to feed them through the woodchipper. 0
OpenTribe OpenTribe helps users share ideas and resources to change the world. 0
Global Leadership For change agents and future leaders. A new world of global knowledge marketplace in pivoting the future of work and leadership. 0
dream-maker-factory This is a place for technology, business, and personal growing 0
Re-Made Life skills via the brightest minds & top media brands, found in the Re-Made library ( 0 The latest product strategy and management guides, resources, and news. We aspire to democratize product methodologies and techniques, and create a platform for sharing our successes and failures. 0
Kevin van Dun The Blog Articles on living a better life through happiness, minimalism, productivity, technology. 0
Noob Founder I started my career by working for startups and co-founded a couple. It’s been 10 years now and I am sharing my learnings. 0
jcpe Sign-up for my newsletter. An original article & round-up once a month. Great reads/listens on the creative life, tech & leadership. 0
21st Century Political Participation Articles about political participation in the modern age. 0
meaningful Your brand narrative and value proposition have to be meaningful if they’re going to speak deeply to people. We help brands find their meaning in a world that’s looking for it. 0
Kinesthetic Edge For the reader who wants to ease pain, improve focus, and cultivate the habit of mindfulness through mind body practices. 0