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Qavar An artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, helping you to defend against digital threats targeting your business, and scaling your business through custom-built, intelligent apps. 0
The Engineering Manager Engineering Management requires a unique blend of talents ranging from technical expertise, people skills, strong organization, and grit. This publication is a place for us to tell our stories, to inspire and learn from each other, and offer others a glimpse into our world. 0
codemonday Web development & Digital Agency 0
Zuka Technology Blog In our articles we share our experience based on the numerous projects we developed over the years. Android, iOS, Backend Technologies, Cloud Infra, DevOps, Blockchain and AI/ML. 0
Flask-MonitoringDashboard-Turtorial A tutorial in how to set up and use the flask-monitoring-dashboard extension 0
Kid Cinematheque Sharing film reviews and commentary to help parents and kids develop a love of film. 0
Abhinav Krishna’s Portfolio A collection of selected works and my learnings from them. 0
Thoughts In Type Facing the challenge of giving shape to my thoughts and being open and vulnerable as a writer. Huge thank you to Laura Kelly, journalism professor at the American University of Bulgaria, and the Advanced Writing for Media class of Spring 2020 for creating an inspiring community. 0
Probably Overdoing It Audrey and David’s weekly musings on startups and life. Wait, are those different? 0
DeepTek DeepTek harnesses the latest research in deep learning to develop AI solutions that provide patients faster and more accurate diagnosis, reduce radiologist burden and boost productivity, and ultimately democratize healthcare by reducing costs. 0
NorCal UVSA Dedicated to non-profit, non-partisan, community-based work to meet the needs of Vietnamese-American youth since 2007. 0
Lark’s Records Music reviews primarily in country-pop, pop, singer-songwriter, and indie music from 2010-present (will be predominantly from female artists). 0
California Coder Educational articles on various software engineering topics. 0
Creative Ink Publication Under Construction. Currently migrating relevant stories over. Stories by Aphinya Dechalert. 0
Random Noise Random Topics in Data Science, ML, AI, Mathematics, and Programming. 0