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ISF India Indic Science Foundation supports scientific inquiry that are aligned with the outlook of the ancient Indian scientific and philosophical traditions. 0
Python Supply Examples and tutorials that illustrate concepts in an accessible way using the Python programming language. 0
Getting Started Guides Short getting started guides on all things programming, cloud computing and data 0
Next Level Source Code Whether you want tips and tricks to enhance your source code a second opinion on a programming related topic, this publication will bring you both. Source code stands for the working method of the creator. Enhancing your source code means enhancement for yourself. 0
Indic Science Indic Science Foundation 0
Social Data Science For those who are curious and critical about what these new computational methods and machine learning have to offer to the discipline. 0
Amplication Amplication is an open-source development tool. It helps you develop quality Node.js applications without spending time on repetitive coding tasks. 0
Learn Languages with TV We aim to be a collection of the most trustworthy writing on language learning by language lovers and researchers. Articles are primarily based on research and facts, but deep personal experience is welcomed too. 0
Slate For over two decades, Slate has covered the news with a unique, sharp, and critical eye. Thanks for joining us on Medium. 0
Fantasy Writing School Articles about worldbuilding, fantasy and fiction, elements of literature, characters, and writing. 0
Gender in International Affairs Covering all aspects of gender in international affairs. A project by students in Professor Raymond Smith’s Gender in International Affairs class at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. 0
My Grief Ages, Too They say there are ten stages to grief. I say ten’s too convenient of a number, and there’s nothing convenient about a dead mother. -1
Techonometrics Learnings from building an ecommerce website — product development, full stack web, analytics, startup economics etc -1
At The Intersections Melanated musings on transportation and mobility by and for women of color. -1
Learning to Live This is a publication that sheds light on some tough topics that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I want to encourage people to take control of their lives, learn from past mistakes and be happy. -1