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Alli Shultes

Social media and outreach producer at BBC News Labs and fortnightly contributor to BBC Technology.

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Conor Molumby

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Latest Posts

Stories by numbers: How BBC News is experimenting with semi-automated journalism

How can BBC News cover more local stories, and is automatically generating them the answer?

Editorial Innovation in News

It is easy to assume that the future of news will be inevitably technical. That assumption is dangerous.

The challenges of debunking fake news in India

Plus, four possible solutions from our latest hackathon.

What user testing taught me about writing news for young people

They might seem pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how often we overlook these nine simple things.

Beyond 800 words: News formats for personalising and understanding

For every individual there are different needs from news at different times and places.

Roundup: Hacking automated transcription technologies at Text AV

From fact-checking to scrollable video, here’s a look at seven projects from our latest language technology event.

BBC News Labs: Come meet us at MozFest

Visit us at the Science Fair to see some of our most exciting experiments from 2018

(Re)building use cases for language technology in the newsroom

5 ideas from our latest #newsHACK with the Summa consortium

Designing chatbots to fight information overload

A Google News Lab fellow‘s investigation into categorised news for Facebook Messenger.

From university to the world of work

Thirteen months as a software engineering apprentice in BBC News Labs


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