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Stefan Kojouharov

Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

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Downloadable: Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Science…

Downloadable PDF of Best AI Cheat Sheets in Super High Definition

Should Data Science Become A Universal Skill?

Join us on April 2nd at Galvanize HQ in San Francisco for Data.World’s Afternoon of Data and meet the speakers themselves.

How AI Is Changing The Face Of Business And The Workplace

We are in the midst of a massive transformation which is affecting the future of the workplace as AI-based technology surrounds today’s…

Machine Learning Explainability: complete walkthrough using a detailed use-case

Do machine Learning models really act like black boxes? For a large majority of people, especially those who are not data scientists, the…

AI in Health: Standards, regulations, governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly being used across healthcare. From diagnostics to targeted treatments…

Machine Learning Series Day 5 (Support Vector Machines)

I promise it’s not just another “ML Article.”

Utilising CNNs to transform your model into a budding artist

Breaking down the famous style transfer algorithm for beginners !

Neural Network from Scratch

Previously in the last article, I had described the Neural Network and had given you a practical approach for training your own Neural…

How AI Has Impacted the Credit Card Industry

Artificial intelligence is no longer just in the realm of science fiction. While we have been long promised AI that will enhance our…

I traveled in time and visited an AI history class in the year 2100

I just designed a relativistic-quantum-entangled-supercryogenic time capsule, got to a Harvard history class, stole that day’s lecture…


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