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Stefan Kojouharov

Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

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Reinforcement Learning Improvement

There is a game named as guess game in OpenAI. It is in easy game classification. You can reach the connection from here:

Practical AI Agent Assistance Defines the Future of Call Centers

The call center industry is among the major economic contributors for Asian countries like the Philippines, India, China, and Malaysia…

Why AI needs us to design AE (Artificial Empathy)

Failing the Turing Test is rarely a technical problem. It’s a lack of Artificial Empathy. So let’s talk about what we’re not feeling…

Amazon’s sexist AI recruiting tool: how did it go so wrong?

Machine learning projects are hard. “Biased data” is only one element

How AI Powered Mobile Apps Are Penetrating Various Aspects of Daily Life?

The penetration of mobile apps into our daily lives can literally be termed as “all-encompassing”. There is no facet of modern life where…

AI, Showbiz, and Cause for Concern (x2)

The #AIShowBiz Summit sits apart from the often dizzying array of conferences vying for the attention of tech natives. Omnipresent AI…

7 Things That Convince People to Become a Data Scientist

Companies across the globe are desperately looking for data scientists who can handle and analyze huge datasets by using cutting edge…

The Future of Tax Technology & Automation

Tax technology is changing the role of accountants across the world. Among the newest technological practices that are taking over…

Controversial Of Artificial Intelligence

Machines do not have a natural intelligence such as humans do. Humans, however, can give intelligence to machines and it is called…

Strengthening Your Company with Machine Learning

The Major Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence


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