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Computerised Robots and Sensory Experiences

The American philosopher John Searle often makes the point that many believers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), computational cognitive…

How is Artificial Intelligence used in Sales?

Industrialists are using AI as an essential marketing strategy to boost sales. Here are 5 intriguing ways in which Artificial Intelligence…

Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way Leaders Think About Management

The robot revolution is here, and it’s taken over the manager’s desk — or, at the very least, begun to share the chair.

Top Benefits of AI in Mobile Development!

Artificial Intelligence has always been a popular technology. It continues to steal the show with its incredible advantages. Here are the…

Deconstructing Deepfakes

For our February AI Ethics Twitter Chat, we invited expert guest, Dr. Brandie Nonnecke, Founding Director, Citris Policy Lab at UC…

The Art of Tackling Large Problems

There is no single day in the life of a software engineer when it comes to tackling complex and large problems in a fast-paced tech…

Understanding Anchors(backbone of object detection) using YOLO

Why discus Anchor? While trying to implement yolo from scratch or create your training pipeline for your custom dataset, or do some data…

T-Cell Receptor Sequencing using Neural Networks

Helping to eradicate diseases and viruses through the power of T-cells.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

For our March AI Ethics Twitter chat, we took a brief break from the pandemic for some AI-mythbusting with our expert guest, Dr. Dagmar…

How to make a populist bot and why it matters?

How new technologies can influence our understanding of politics and democracy


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