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Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

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Latest Posts

AI offers new hope for depression sufferers

Algorithm can predict which antidepressant will be more effective for patients

How AI can impact Mobile App Development and User Experience

Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity among all the digital platforms. Ai is now being used in many sectors and areas to improve…

A Case for a Futurist Philosophy of Interaction

We wake up to the sound of screaming. The sounds are not of anger, but pain, permeating through the neighbourhood in a single cacophony of…

How to use Artificial Intelligence for Driving Business?

I went to a party last night where I met my friend, Alex. He’s a smart guy and was successfully running a software development company of…

What is the Main Purpose of Video Annotation in Machine Learning and AI?

Just like image annotation, video annotation also helps machines to recognize the objects through computer vision. Basically, the main…

The Future Impact of AI on Cyber Crime

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change the face of computer security in multiple ways. On one hand, the adoption of smart…

What are the Sentiment Analysis Interesting Facts?

Nowadays sentiment analysis is helping to understand the opinions and comprehend of the people to manage the reputation and brand image of…

Leading AI Trends to Push Innovation in 2020 and Years Beyond

Artificial intelligence or AI has already across digital platforms and applications across niches. As the present trends indicate, AI is…

Why is AI in Logistics more relevant than ever before?

Oft priced quote “2020” is at close quarters, yet supply chains run the exact same difficult, tiresome and ineffective way. AI has…

“AI” Options For Startups

Just because you’re starting up a business doesn’t mean you’re an expert on AI and the sorts of solutions these systems can offer. While…


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