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Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

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Is Machine Learning Another Version of AI?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are two catchphrases at the moment, and often seem to be used interchangeably. However, both…

What Is Chatbot? How Can Benefit Your Business?

See What Chatbot Can Do To Your Business

What is the VGG neural network?

Introduction to VGGNet

7 Reasons Why A Smartwatch Can Be Beneficial For Your Health With AI

A Smartwatch is a popular device that is usually worn by athletes and health enthusiasts. As most watches do, it can help you tell the…

Where is Artificial Intelligence Used Today?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is brining a drastic changes in technological fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for…

FaceApp — The Secret Behind the “Trending” AI-Powered App

“The human brain has large memory storage. It made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage…

Ways By Which The AI-Powered Tools Are Helping The Professionals!

Artificial intelligence is among those technologies that amaze people and business tycoon alike. Previously, AI was a science-fiction…

Classifying Flowers with CNNS and Transfer Learning

If I asked you what type of flower is pictured above, you would probably know it’s a sunflower. But what if I asked a computer the same…


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