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Stefan Kojouharov

Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

Latest Posts

Machines That Play Chess — Summary

This is a summary. You can read the longer (yes, even longer) series here.

How Can Invoice Processing Benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

Accounting is a necessary evil, and invoice processing is the smaller necessary evil within, especially when done manually. It is a long…

How is AI redefining the beauty and cosmetics industry?

The concept of beauty and cosmetics has advanced since the ancient Egyptian standards of smooth hair, clear skin, and beautiful eyes to…

Transcending Geographic Boundaries with AI-Powered Telemedicine

A visit to the doctor is not something anyone looks forward to; from children to adults to the elderly–hospital visits or stays can be…

New York City — The Flourishing Ground for AI Engineers!

Since 2015, job portals from New York to San Francisco have seen an escalation in demand for professionals in AI and machine learning…

Challenges in bringing Holographic Telepresence Technology to the masses

Bringing Holographic Telepresence Technology to Mainstream –a Reality Check

Everything I Wish Marketers Would Learn About AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone’s lips for the last couple of years and marketers are no different. It feels that at…

Tackling Sustainability And Urbanization With AI-Enabled Furniture

At the turn of the twentieth century, the swelling populations of newly arrived immigrants in New York City’s Lower East Side reached a…


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