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What is Natural Language Processing(NLP) ?

An introduction to natural language processing (NLP)

What is deep learning ?

an introduction to deep learning

AI in Cancer Detection and Treatment: Applications, Benefits, and Challenges

“A human would say this was normal. But the AI was discovering these subtle patterns, and it was very confident. It was finding cancer. We…

Transfer Learning — Part — 5.0!! ResidualNets

In Part 4 Series of the Transfer Learning series we have discussed the VGG nets in depth along with hands-on application of these…

Algorithms from First Principles: Minimax

A gentle introduction to the Minimax algorithm

Applications and Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and E-Commerce

As the number of internet merchants has grown, so has the level of competition among them.Retailers fight for an advantage over their…

The Age of Machine Learning As Code Has Arrived

The 2021 edition of the State of AI Report came out last week. So did the Kaggle State of Machine Learning and Data Science Survey. There’s…

PyTorch Lightning Tutorial #1: Getting Started

PyTorch Lightning Tutorial #1: Getting Started

ONNX Inference with Python in AWS Lambda

In this tutorial we will cover how to setup a serverless machine learning model prediction service. This was our step by step (minus the…


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