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Affective Computing: Why, What, and How

Fundamentals on Emotion AI

GPT-3 And Code Generation — AI-enabled Instant Software Development

Cooking noodles like ramen used to be a long and arduous task. Now we have instant noodles. Just add hot water into a bowl and add your…

Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages For 2021 and Beyond

Here, the most popular programming languages 2021 listing is present; this list will help you choose the best language for web and mobile…

Generating neural speech synthesis voice acting using xVASynth

AI based voice acting generation in games — Companion post for technical details of xVASynth v1.0 release.

How to Overfit Your Model

Lots of articles out there are talking about how not to overfit. Now let’s discuss about it the other way around.

What are the benefits of Healthcare Software Development?

Today, emerging technologies have transformed nearly every aspect of human lives. The Healthcare industry has also been revolutionized by…

Write Your First AI Project in 15 Minutes

In this tutorial, we will code an AI project with TensorFlow and Keras that can recognize hand written digits. If this your first time…

Why Image Segmentation is Needed: Image Segmentation Techniques

In computer vision world, objects can be viewed through images. And classifying, tagging, segmenting and annotating these are images are…


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