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Stefan Kojouharov

Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

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Not so Artificial Intelligence: real ways to incorporate AI today

At present, there is a great demand for intelligent technology based on human behavior, and tools are also created to satisfy that need…

Internet of Things: The next ecosystem of data mining

Imagine a not so distance future where the produce you eat is entirely farmed by machines. The weather predictions are accurate. Drone are…

Ghosting and Digital Culture

Go ahead and add ghosting to the pile of social ills that have emerged in the era of the smartphone. Moving more conversations to digital…

100 days to Deep Learning: Part 2 the 100 days

The requested story of “success” breaking into Deep Learning in 100 days. It’s not what you think. Also this is a draft, feedback needed.

Artificial Intelligence in Pharma

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is one of the most highly anticipated digital healthcare technologies. While the concept of AI…

Learning to Employment: Best Resources for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

Do you want to learn Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning and from best sources? The see this post!

3 Things We Can Expect More from Chatbot in 2019

A survey conducted by Spiceworks revealed 40% of large businesses will implement Intelligent Assistants or Chatbot by 2019.

The Varying Uses of Autonomous Submarines

The modern navy is regularly working on updating its equipment, its outreach, its maneuverability. One of the ways in which it…

GA technologies (TSE: 3491), “Japan’s Amazon in Real Estate” Powered by Artificial Intelligence…

Can artificial intelligence (AI) transform the way we buy and sell property?

Will AI reduce the need for technical writers?

The late Stephen Hawking famously said that artificial intelligence would be “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to…


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