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Opinions and thoughts on API and Open Source development at Capital One.

Kasey Smith

Content Marketing at Capital One. *writer *editor *artist *historical researcher *community manager * sentient scarecrow full of spiders*

Latest Posts

Apache Pulsar — A Gentle Introduction to Apache’s Newest Pub-Sub Messaging Platform

Apache Pulsar is an open source pub-sub messaging platform from Yahoo and the Apache Software Foundation.

Managing Kubernetes Contexts for Multiple Clusters

Customizing Your Terminal With kubectx and kube-ps1

Learning How to Learn- the Secret to Succeeding as a Software Engineer

People often ask me, “What’s a good skill to learn if I want to succeed as a software engineer?”

Awesome Android SDK Design

Leveraging build-aware SDK builders for better library design and keeping your Product Owners happy

Custom TypeScript Decorators Using RxJS and Angular Services

If you have ever worked with Angular before, you may be familiar with TypeScript decorators and how they are used inside of the framework…

Serverless Stream Consumers — Common Pitfalls and Best Practices

The idea of an always-available AWS Lambda-based stream consumer looks like an anti-pattern at first sight. How (or why) would you want to…

On the Law of Conservation of Complexity

In Software, Complexity is Never Destroyed, Only Hidden Behind Abstractions

Achieving Efficiency Through Git Aliases

More Than Just Shortening Git Commands

6 Principles of a Well Managed Change

Changes Are Good, But Only if They Are Well Managed


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