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Content Marketing at Capital One. *writer *editor *artist *historical researcher *community manager * sentient scarecrow full of spiders*

Latest Posts

Coordinator Pattern in Android with Kotlin Coroutines

This article focuses on our approach to solve dynamic navigation using Kotlin coroutines.

Secure Docker Containers Require Secure Applications

Understanding How Containers Work is the First Step to Understanding How to Secure Them

How to get an Android Device Nickname

A Comparison of the Top 5 Methods on Popular Android Devices

The Schema Migration Blues

Performing in the Key of Python

4 Serverless Myths to Understand Before Getting Started with AWS

Lessons Learned From Architecting Serverless Applications on AWS

Developing Meaningful Automated Metrics

Empowering Development of Strong Products

Leveraging Akka and Machine Learning in a Reactive Microservices Architecture

A new age of technology is upon us! Software is making it easier for end users to instantly achieve what they need to do, when they want…

Artificial Neural Networks for Machine Learning

Part 5 of a Series on Introductory Machine Learning Algorithms

Random Forest Algorithm for Machine Learning

Part 4 of a Series on Introductory Machine Learning Algorithms

Naives Bayes Classifiers for Machine Learning

Part 3 of a Series on Introductory Machine Learning Algorithms


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