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Latest Posts

System & Language Agnostic Hyperparameter Optimization at Scale, and its Importance for AutoML

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the development of new machine learning architectures that achieve tasks once unfathomable…

Agile Does Not Mean Unstructured

Keep the Cowboy Developers Back at the Ranch

Using Multi-Stage Builds to Simplify And Standardize Build Processes

Using Native Dockerfile Tools to Move Information Left and Speed Up Delivery

Slaying the UI AngularJS Monolith Using Micro Frontend Architecture

A Micro Frontend Approach to a Framework Agnostic Modular UI Architecture

Domain Adaptation

Unlocking the Future of Machine Learning & Responsibly Advancing Data-Driven Decisioning Capabilities

Improve Java Code Coverage and Quality with Unit Tests and JaCoCo

Part of being a technology company is producing reliable technology at a rapid pace. At the same time, we cannot sacrifice code quality…

Building Experiences in an Agile World

Leave your Feature-Based Mindset at the Door with Design Thinking

Machine Learning in the Enterprise: Lessons from the Front Lines

By David Castillo, Managing Vice President and Head of the Center for Machine Learning, Capital One


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