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Peter Livesey

Coder, traveler and nerd. I also eat and drink.

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Adding Advanced Features to your Network Stack in Swift

This is part 2 of a series in writing an elegant and extensible network stack in Swift. You can read part 1 here.

Writing an Elegant and Extensible Network Stack in Swift

Apple constantly updates their networking APIs to make them easier to use. However, I find that a lot of people still are hesitant to…

The Many Offline Options for iOS Apps

Offline mode is no longer just an extra feature you could choose to add to your app — it’s something many users expect. I’ve often seen…

Assertions in Production

Backend engineers know exactly what’s going on with their services. They know their QPS, memory footprint, error rate, and CPU utilization…

5 Steps to a Better Onboarding Experience

Likely, your app’s onboarding experience isn’t very good. This isn’t because your product isn’t well designed or easy to learn; it’s…


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