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We believe that software development is a craft. Here our developers share their journey of building and running a marketing automation software.

Dávid Kocsis

Experimenting with cutting-edge technologies in production

Latest Posts

Higher order functions

FP is Fun and Practical 4.

It is good to have an Option

FP is Fun and Practical 3.

Faking solution for Swift testing

This article was co-authored by László Őri.

Be functional!

Talking to an adult — FP is Fun and Practical, part 2

FP is Fun and Practical

I have come to a point in my life where I felt I had to share my thoughts and experience with Functional Programming (FP).

Tagless final — from a different perspective

This article is about the tagless final pattern used in Scala programming language and my opinion about it.

How I found out that Emarsys Budapest values are important to me before I even knew they had existed

In this article I’m going to talk about my way leading to Emarsys.

What we learned from porting our web service to a new tech stack

Rewriting a production web service to a new tech stack can feel like you are driving down the highway, while you’re rebuilding your own…

The war on security bugs

At Emarsys, we pay huge attention to keep our customers’ data safe. Our uncommonly attractive security team constantly keeps its eyes on…


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