A collaborative network focused on accelerating the research and development of emerging technologies.

Becca Chacko

Venture Designer @ IDEO CoLab. Finding big problems and dreaming big ideas.

Tara Tan

Venture Studio Lead @ideocolab. Exploring the future with emerging tech.

Reid Williams

systems, science and design @IDEO

Dan Elitzer

Investor @IDEOcoLab Ventures | Co-creating @IDEO | Founder @MITBitcoinClub

Matt Weiss

Managing Director, IDEO CoLab. Nerdy about beer, food, consumer tech and financial services… usually in that order.

Joe Gerber

Managing Director @IDEOCOLAB


IDEO’s platform for collaborative impact. We connect organizations to shape technology’s impact on the world.

Gian Pangaro

Creative Director, IDEO CoLab

Ian Lee

Investing in and building with blockchain and crypto founders at IDEO CoLab Ventures.


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