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Jobandtalent Engineering team blog. The magicians that match people with the right jobs. How do they do it? We are Hiring!

Job&Talent Engineering

The magicians doing software, devops, front and backend, mobile apps, recommendation systems, machine learning, clouded infrastructure and all that jazz.

Sergio Espeja

CTO at jobandtalent

Marcos Trujillo

I need music to live. Progressive rock! Love technology. Senior Android Developer at @jobandtalentEng Co-Founder & Android developer of

John McLachlan

Creando cosas desde 1981 - Desarrollador en Job and Talent

Txema Rodríguez

Director of Mobile at Jobandtalent. I write blogs, code for myself, and others. Formely Lead Editor @genbetadev. Formerly @idealista

Michele Trevisiol

SVP of Data @Jobandtalent • AI • IR • Optimization #ORMS • RecSys • Previously @Stuart @Yahoo @Twitter @INRIA

Rubén Méndez

Software Developer @jobandtalentEng

Fernando Villanueva

Data Analyst at Jobandtalent

Maciej Litwiniuk

Engineering Director at @JobandtalentEng, previously CEO of

Latest Posts

An intro to I/O-bound and CPU-bound solutions

Are you looking to optimise your Ruby on Rails program’s performance? In this article, I explore the definition of I/O-bound and CPU-bound…

Quality Gardeners and Quality Coaches at Job&Talent

How we implemented Quality Assistance in teams while Job&Talent Engineering was changing its structure.

From async to co-creation

Are big pull requests leading to worse check quality? Are smaller ones always a better solution? How about the alternative in the form of…

The shape of Jobandtalent Engineering in 2023

In 2023, Jobandtalent plans to massively enhance its product to keep up with the growth of the entire company. This is why, among other…

Devkit and Devcloud. How do they improve the developer experience at Jobandtalent?

Jobandtalent utilizes the power of AWS, Terraform, Docker and Python to create a rich development environment. Let me show you how.

Why don’t we talk about Quality Gardeners?

Read how Jobandtalent switched from quality assurance to quality assistance and learn the role of Quality Gardeners in Product teams.

How Jobandtalent runs web apps

Learn how we handle HTTP services in such varied web development technologies as Ruby, Elixir, Python and Node.js!

Jobandtalent tech hubs in Europe

Even though Jobandtalent is a remote-first company, our teams come together in offices around Europe, and four European cities, in…

Jobandtalent recruitment front to back: From job interview to a contract

Recruitment at Jobandtalent follows a simple pathway. Here is the complete hiring process roadmap with everything you need to know.

Why go with Paparazzi? Our journey with Android Screenshot Testing

Back in 2019, we published a post about screenshot testing but since then things have changed. We made the decision to board Paparazzi


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