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Jobandtalent Engineering team blog. The magicians that match people with the right jobs. How do they do it? We are Hiring!

jobandtalent Engineering

The magicians doing software, devops, front and backend, mobile apps, recommendation systems, machine learning, clouded infrastructure and all that jazz.

Sergio Espeja

CTO at jobandtalent

Marcos Trujillo

I need music to live. Progressive rock! Love technology. Senior Android Developer at @jobandtalentEng Co-Founder & Android developer of

John McLachlan

Creando cosas desde 1981 - Desarrollador en Job and Talent

Txema Rodríguez

Android Lead at @jobandtalenteng. I write blogs, code for myself, and others. Lead Editor @genbetadev. Formerly @idealista

Luis Recuenco

Senior Software Engineer @Tuenti - Too little sleep & too much coffee behind @ishowsapp

Michele Trevisiol

VP of Data @Jobandtalent • AI • IR • Optimization #ORMS • RecSys • Previously @Stuart @Yahoo @Twitter @INRIA

Manuel González Merino

Backend Engineer at Jobandtalent

Gonzalo Gómez

Software Engineer

Rubén Méndez

Software Developer @jobandtalentEng

Fernando Villanueva

Data Analyst at Jobandtalent

Latest Posts

The Navigator

Another twist to iOS navigations

API authentication strategies in a Service Oriented Architecture

A key point when designing distributed systems is the way your services are communicated.

Predicting contract length with probabilistic programming

We built a PyMC3 model based on survival analysis to provide predictions for the average length of the contracts managed by Jobandtalent.

How to create Web Components by a project.

This is a howto about creating native web components. I will skip the style part in the explanation because it’s tangential and the…

Screenshot testing on Android

I just want to sleep well the night after we release a new version of Jobandtalent’s android app. When talking about testing our user…

10 years of the Jobandtalent platform

Jobandtalent’s platform has changed a lot since its inception back in 2009. The search for the perfect product-market fit has triggered a…

Data Visualization Tools at Jobandtalent

When a company like Jobandtalent keeps growing, the data that it generates follows it exponentially. You need to create processes that…

Command pattern: how and why we use it

Here at Jobandtalent, we face numerous challenges every day. One of them is to make it easier for people to use our software, and covering…


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