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Aaron FC

Apprentice of everything, time obsessed, programming lover and […] a little geek. Senior Software Engineer at Tuenti.

Luis Javier

Senior Product Manager @ Tuenti. Passionate about building products, tech, startups, brewing and music.

Joaquin Engelmo Moriche

Software developá, vivo en la cueva de la JVM. Extremeño, cocinillas y colchonero a partes iguales.

Latest Posts

Hack Me Up 37rd edition

Another quarter, another Hack Me Up. We've just come to the end of our most creative 48 non-stop hours with the 37th edition of our HMU…

#TuentiChallenge9: Show me more numbers!

Two weeks ago we had a sneak peek on the Tuenti Challenge 9 statistics, and today we come with more numbers!

A Sneak Peek at Tuenti Challenge 9

7 Days 174,818 Lines of code 2,675 Attempts to solve a problem 2,328 Problems solved correctly 1,204 Registered participants 524…

Welcome to the Tuenti Challenge 9!

No more waiting, guys! The ninth edition of our annual programming contest is finally here, Tuenti Challenge. We’ve opened the…

Hack Me Up 36

Another quarter, another Hack Me Up

Systemtap for CoreOS Container Linux

Performance analysis in Linux is always an adventure

Commit 2018 — Motivating teams

Summary of everything we discussed on that session

We went to Commit Conf 2018!!

By Irene Diaz-Valenzuela & Rafael Bartolome


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