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David Allen

Architect at Neo4j

William Lyon

🤠 Code Cowboy @neo4j |

Michael Hunger

A software developer passionate about teaching and learning. Currently working with Neo4j, GraphQL, Kotlin, ML/AI, Micronaut, Spring, Kafka, and more.

Mark Needham

Product Marketing Engineer at ClickHouse

Jennifer Reif

Jennifer Reif is an avid developer and problem-solver. She enjoys learning new technologies, sometimes on a daily basis! Her Twitter handle is @JMHReif.

Nigel Small

Programmer with a small grey beard. I do #Python, #Java, #PHP, #JavaScript, #C, or whatever else. Usually found hanging around sockets, protocols and databases.

Dan Fitzpatrick

Web Developer at Neo4j

Florent Biville

Developer @ Neo4j

CJ Sullivan

Founder and CEO of Clair Sullivan & Associates, LLC

Max Andersson

DevOps Engineer (Developer Relations) @Neo4j

Yolande Poirier

Empower developers globally to successfully grow their projects & businesses. All opinions are mine.

Scott M. Fulton, III

Head of Developer Organic Marketing, Neo4j; 37-year veteran technology journalist

Alexander Erdl

Graphs are Everywhere - Marketing in a world of connected data

Lidia Zuin

Brazilian journalist, MA in Semiotics and PhD in Visual Arts. Researcher and essayist. Technical and science fiction writer.

Jason Koo

Developer Advocate at Neo4j, technophile and former iOS Developer.

Andreas Kollegger

self referential integrity

Amanda Roosa

Writer and photographer.


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