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William Lyon

🤠 Code Cowboy @neo4j |

ryan boyd

Lover of dogs, wine and good food. Intermittent adventurer. Father. Engineer and Director of DevRel @neo4j. Former Googler. Author of O'Reilly OAuth 2.0 book.

Michael Hunger

A software developer passionate about teaching and learning. Currently working with Neo4j, GraphQL, Kotlin, ML/AI, Micronaut, Spring, Kafka, and more.

Mark Needham

Developer Relations Engineer @neo4j

Jennifer Reif

Jennifer Reif is an avid developer and problem-solver. She enjoys learning new technologies, sometimes on a daily basis! Her Twitter handle is @JMHReif.

Nigel Small

Network programming and protocol geek, Pythonista, former DBA, author of #py2neo and Head of Driver Development at @Neo4j.

Latest Posts

Football Transfers Graph

Explore a Neo4j Graph of football (soccer) transfers in the Summer 2019 Window

Introducing Scala Cypher DSL

A type-safe, compile-time DSL for Neo4J Cypher Query Language in Scala

Neo4j Graph Algorithms Release — Memory Requirements, Concurrency Settings, Bug Fixes

Over the last few weeks we’ve released new functionality for the Neo4j Graph Algorithms Library, in versions and

Getting Started with Neo4j on Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

Neo4j recently released a distribution of Neo4j Enterprise Causal Clustering on Pivotal Container Service (PKS). This distribution makes…

What’s cooking? Part 5: Dealing with duplicates

It’s time for part 5 of the BBC Good Food Series. In this post we’ll start to look at some of the approaches we can use to tackle…

Creative & Technical Web Content: How We Redesigned Neo4j’s Developer Guides

As with all web pages, style and content need refreshed with new features and user-friendly functionality. Our team decided to tackle this…

Now Available: Women’s World Cup 2019 Graph

Explore the data behind the Women’s World Cup with our World Cup Graph.

Finding influencers and communities in the Graph Community

In this post we’re going to analyse the Twitter social graph of the Neo4j community using graph algorithms.

Neo4j-OGM and Spring Data Neo4j

How to choose an unique identifier for your database entities


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