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David Allen

Architect at Neo4j

William Lyon

🤠 Code Cowboy @neo4j |

Michael Hunger

A software developer passionate about teaching and learning. Currently working with Neo4j, GraphQL, Kotlin, ML/AI, Micronaut, Spring, Kafka, and more.

Mark Needham

Developer Relations at Finbourne

Jennifer Reif

Jennifer Reif is an avid developer and problem-solver. She enjoys learning new technologies, sometimes on a daily basis! Her Twitter handle is @JMHReif.

Nigel Small

Network programming and protocol geek, Pythonista, former DBA, author of #py2neo and Head of Driver Development at @Neo4j.

Dan Fitzpatrick

Web Developer at Neo4j

Florent Biville

Developer @ Neo4j

CJ Sullivan

Director of Data Science at Vail Resorts. Formerly Data Science Advocate at Neo4j, Machine Learning Engineer at GitHub.

Max Andersson

DevOps Engineer (Developer Relations) @Neo4j

Yolande Poirier

Empower developers globally to successfully grow their projects & businesses. All opinions are mine.

Scott M. Fulton, III

Head of Developer Organic Marketing, Neo4j; 37-year veteran technology journalist


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