Over Engineering

Over is a mobile app for creativity that allows you to build beautiful custom designs

Wayne Ashley Berry

Software Engineer at @over

Daniel Galasko

"If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are" - Kung Fu Panda 3. Currently iOS @over

Johan Andersson

Digital art lover, heavy coffee drinker, maker of iOS app Image Blender and developer at VideofyMe

Kobus Brümmer

iOS engineer at Over. Lives in beautiful Cape Town.

Tshepo Mohlala

Founding a weird startup. iOS engineer @over. Previously: math @uchicago, design @over.

Rebecca Franks

Google Developer Expert for Android & Android Engineer at @Over . South Africa. ZA. I write more here — https://riggaroo.co.za

Nick Rout

Android Engineer @ Over | GDG Cape Town Organizer

Michael Dube

iOS & macOS app developer. Currently building cool stuff for @Over. I'm a junkie for Visual Arts & innovative ideas.

Latest Posts

Building Responsive/Resizable Android UIs for ChromeOS 📐📏

Supporting ChromeOS devices sounds like a large undertaking with many unknowns. If you didn’t know already, ChromeOS allows users to…

Building a lightweight feature flagging system

Ship your code to production with confidence with this enum based feature flagging system

Detecting snap changes with Android’s RecyclerView SnapHelper

Extending SnapHelper by adding a means of listening to changes in snap position

Building a Custom Machine Learning Model on Android with TensorFlow Lite

Building a custom TensorFlow Lite model sounds really scary. As it turns out, you don’t need to be a Machine Learning or TensorFlow expert…

Graceful shutdown with Go http servers and Kubernetes rolling updates

If you’re writing Go then you’re probably aware that graceful shutdown was added to the http package in 1.8.

Manipulating images and Drawables with Android’s ColorFilter

Tinting, custom effects and reusability for visual Android app resources

An easier way to dequeue cells in iOS

Using the power of generics to improve cell registration and reuse 🤓

Making the most of TextView auto-sizing on Android

Dynamically adjusting the size of text on Android with a simple API

Limit your pull requests and see what happens. This is our story.

A problem many developer teams face is an increasing number of pull requests. Have you ever heard yourself say “The work is done, it just…


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