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Bartek Witczak

JS software ninja / CEO & founder @

Marek Piechut

Fullstack/mobile developer — Tech Lead @ with more than 11 years of commercial experience in software dev.

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Why union is your best friend in modeling types in TypeScript?

One of the misconceptions about using TypeScript is lack of knowledge on how to structure data. Let’s look how union types can help us.

How to implement magic link authentication using JWT in Node

One way to ease a burden of handling passwords for plethora of websites is to offer users an option to login via email magic link (as seen…

Authentication and Authorization in NodeJS GraphQL API

Most of GraphQL APIs that are developed are probably not meant for public access without any authorization. Sooner or later you’ll need to…

Why well-crafted components matter?

We value code that is easy to maintain over code that is easy to write

Get rid of some fat from your React production build

Get some nice size and load time optimizations for React app with just a few small configuration changes in Webpack.

How to structure components in React?

Programming is quite a complex task. Especially crafting clean code is hard. We need to take care of many elements — naming variables…

Node authentication with Passport & Postgres

In Node & Express world, most of the time we use Passport & Mongo to store our data. For authentication, we often use Passport with social…

Will Chrome optimize your object factories

… or does it make sense to use new or Object.create anymore?

React philosophy

I’ve started using React almost 3 years ago. It was just the beginning of public open-source React. At that time the most popular framework…

How to setup TDD in Xcode in 4 steps? — Carthage

The very first thing we need to do is prepare our environment. We need to configure our working space to easily execute our tests. This is…


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