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All the work that a SWE does is largely forgotten after said feature, product, or fix has been released. We are a small group of software engineers who believe that this should not be the case. We believe an engineer's work can tell a story and so created

Sergey Surkov

Technologist, Co-founder @sourcerer_io

Ryan Osilla

đź“– Book Lover, đź’» Product Guy, Developer, & Co-founder @sourcerer_io

Latest Posts

Python Internals: An Introduction

A Lovely Stroll From Launching CPython to Code Execution

Docker image in production — 1GB or 100MB

Today someone said to me: “Actually, running an application using docker is very simple, such as a node, it only takes a few lines to…

Using AI to keep engineers happy at work

Engineer’s are valuable, extremely valuable given this day and age. They are the most powerful workforce group in the world and their…

Using commit message standardization to enhance your release and feature management.

During the last years, thanks to github, gitlab, bitbucket, launchpad and other products, issues also became popular even for small…

AdonisJS : a full-featured node framework for modern web servers

Node is becoming one of the most elected choices by developers for modern web servers. You can build web servers in various elegant ways…

Turning Bugs into Gems: Debugging Ruby Applications

Ruby is a beautiful language. It’s worst, and best quality is that once you use it, you likely won’t want to use anything else.

GO ValueObject

Simple example how to use Value Object in your go project

Building web accessibility in 2019

Web content is filthy rich and often inaccessilbe. How a technology of the future could look like to keep the web accessible?

A crash course on optimizing your Docker images for production

Don’t you hate it when deploying your app takes ages? Over a gigabyte for a single container image isn’t really what is viewed as best…


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