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Lift Yourself With Meditation Meditation has the power to change your life. Lift Yourself With Meditation is your home for all things meditation. Whether you’re a beginner looking for tips to get started or an expert looking for something more in-depth, you’ll find it here. 3
Descent Chronicles Long ago, when god was a Woman, the Goddess would turn the world through her holy descent to the underworld, where she would forget herself and the idea of self, embrace chaos. Humbled and renewed, only then would she rise. This publication is a chroncle of our descent. 3
Anecdotes Anecdotes and thoughts from books. 3
UltrahumanHQ The most amazing fitness subscription ever | Join the holistic fitness movement with the world’s best coaches & athletes | Train better with biofeedback on iOS 3
From Thoughts to Voices Just stories and life, penned down in words. 2
Alka Alka — Financial Mindfulness 2
Modern Mindfulness Practical advice for living mindfully in our busy modern world. 2
Speak to Live Mental health advocate. Author. Removing the stigma of mental health from your everyday life for a more confident and assured YOU! 2
Mindfulness in the Face of a Global Pandemic Exploring how mindfulness practices are helping everyday people through the storm at hand. 2
Weaving Words Weaving Words is the personal publication of Sarene B. Arias 2
Relational Mindfulness Mindfulness is our natural ability to manage the interactions of life. 2
Mind Theory Ideas on personal growth, mental health, and mindfulness 2
Inner Thoughts This is a safe place for all those inner thoughts, bursting to get out. Share your perspectives, opinions, observations, epiphanies. 2
Moodcare Blog Moodcare is developed by psychologists to support you in being your own therapist. With the artificial intelligence chatbot Moody, you can talk about your feelings and increase your quality of life by participating in programs developed specifically for your needs. 2
Analog Adventures Sometimes it is nice to leave all screens behind. It helps to really appreciate the moment and brings back the magic of travel. This publication is focused on any adventures that occure outside of the digital world. And everyone is welcome to contribute. 2